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Automotive Air Conditioning Reference Manual
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Automotive Air Conditioning Reference Manual (130 Pages)

A manual that asks the questions that so many of us have about auto a/c, service and repair, and then answers those questions!

This book will answer questions for most of the problems that may be encountered when working on an air conditioning system. This text is for technicians to advance their knowledge, a do-it-yourself aid in the repair of a system, and for the consumer to understand how the system works. This material is based on a question and answer format for ease of locating answers to commonly asked questions. Included are questions addressing technical troubleshooting problems. It has been printed to be toolbox friendly. This material will assist technicians to better understand and fortify their knowledge, assist the do-it-yourselfers as to why it is necessary to follow procedures to repair a system and assist the consumer to be able to communicate in a technical manner.

Excerpts from the Table of Contents
The System
How does an air conditioning system work?2
Should the air conditioning be turned off each time the engine is turned off?6
What are some of the indicators of a system needing service?7
What should an air conditioning system service consist of?8
How many ways are there to check for leaks?33
What is ambient temperature and its effect on refrigerant?35
What is retrofit and what refrigerant should be used?36
Compressors and Clutches
What causes a compressor to fail?42
What is a variable displacement compressor?44
What kind of oil should be used in the system?63
What is the best method to install oil in the system?64
Accumulators, Receiver-Dryers, Mufflers
Clutch Cycling Switches
Regulator Valves

And Much, Much More!

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