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AFTERMARKET SQUIRREL CAGE (BLOWER FAN) 5 78"w x 2 1/2"h x 516"shaft
Clockwise rotation used on aftermarket blower units.
Price: $28.95

Detailed Description

This ccw fan and the cw fan are the two most popular aftermarket fans ever made. They fit Chevy, Ford, Chrysler and many other vehicles. They were used in the 70s, 80s and even in the 90s. There is not listing for all that they fit so it is important to check these dimensions with your fan. Make sure to pay close attention the direction of the fins in the fan. Set your fan in either position and make sure the fins curve the same way as yours. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! As I found out in my search to find and provide these, they are not stocked by many stores anymore. So, we got them for you. Have fun! BTW, notice the small dish in the bottom of the cage. REMEMBER!!!, These do not fit factory made a/c systems so check carefully before ordering.
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